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SKY-LIGHT offers the widest range of co-extruded sheet for thermoforming and form-fill-seal production available in the industry.

Flexible and customised thermoforming sheet solutions

We offer a wide range of co-extruded thermoforming sheet which meet all requirements for modern packaging, printing and technical applications. We have the expertise to guide our customers in their choice of the right sheet for each product.

Types of thermoforming sheet in APET, RPET or PET/PE

We develop solutions in fields such as anti-block, anti-mist and biodegradable sheet in partnership with our customers. You know what you need. We know what is possible. Together we will find the solution that provides the best value for your business.


APET is normally used for food packaging and convenience products such as fruit, vegetables and salads, but can be used for many other types of trays. A-PET is available as a 100% virgin product or containing up to 85% recycled post-industrial and post-consumer material.


CPET is used for packaging of ready-meals that require heating in the oven or microwave. C-PET is available as a 100% virgin product or with a certain proportion of recycled material depending on the requirements you have for your sheet and its environmental profile.


RPET contains a minimum of 50% post-consumer material and is certified for food packaging. This means that the sheet gives you the opportunity to contribute actively to important environmental initiatives without compromising on food safety.


PET/PE is used for packaging for e.g. minced meat, sliced meat products, meat trays etc. PET/PE provides an even stronger sealing of trays than other types of sheet which is often a requirement in the meat industry.

“Our close partnership with SKY-LIGHT is an important part of our business. We can always rely on immediate and excellent service and on productive dialogue when we require special solutions. We are always able to reach our contact person - or others at SKY-LIGHT whenever we need help. This is crucial to us.”

- Department Head Klaus Bökenschmidt – Purchasing at Rahning GmbH & Co. KG

Slitting of thermoforming films

We can slit sheet rolls down to a width of only 75 mm and we can rewind sheet into rolls with a weight of only 15 kg. Always with a perfect and straight and even winding. This is ideal for wholesalers who wish to offer small volumes to smaller food manufacturers, packing departments etc.

Slit sheet rolls


75-1,600 mm

Max. roll diameter

800 mm


µ180 – 700


3” or 6”

Mother roll

Max. width

1,650 mm

Min. width

300 mm

Max. diameter

1,500 mm


3” or 6”

Rewinding of sheet rolls

Max. width

1,600 mm

Max. diameter

800 mm


3” or 6”

Treatment of thermoforming sheet

You can choose different sheet treatments and additives for your sheet, depending on the intended use of the sheet e.g.:

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