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With our high-quality packaging, we protect your products from factory to consumer.

Our high, uniform quality is your security

We protect and promote your products.
Peace of mind and right for the environment.
From factory to consumer.

SKY-LIGHT develop and supply solutions primarily for the food manufacturing and pharmaceutical industries. Industries that hold the highest demands imaginable for product protection and hygiene.

Regardless of whether they are standard or customised solutions, you will always get packaging of the same high quality produced with the greatest possible consideration for the environment. We take responsibility for our packaging running seamlessly in your production process.

We develop customised packaging solutions to improve the competitiveness of our customers by e.g. improved logistics, longer shelf life for our customer’s products and better promotion through innovative design.

We develop and supply a wide range of standard packaging and customized packaging to all sectors in the food industry, particularly the ready-to-go sector. We also develop and design trays for internal and external transport of goods and other non-food packaging in partnership with our customers.  

We manufacture packaging primarily for the food industry where requirements for hygiene and environmental awareness are very high.

“Our customers are experiencing ever increasing demands from the outside world about recycling and increased environmental consideration and our customers, in turn, pass these requirements on to us. Therefore, we are constantly working to minimise our use of resources and the impact we have on the environment by optimising recycling and our own energy recovery. We are the best in the industry at reusing plastic in new products – and we are getting better all the time.”

– Managing Director of SKY-LIGHT Søren Larsen

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Spoon-in-Lid Solutions

Make it easy to consume your products ON-THE-GO by including a spoon in the lid. 

Arla Foods amba

 “We were delighted with the assistance we received from SKY-LIGHT when we had problems processing sheet in one of our machines. A constructive dialogue and a professional approach revealed that the problem was in our machine, and not the sheet supplied by SKY-LIGHT”

- Packing Facility Coordinator Charlotte Kvistgaard Jakobsen, Høgelund Dairy (part of Arla Foods amba)

Plastic products with care

Plastics are high on the agenda in the global environmental debate and this affects both our customers and SKY-LIGHT. Our packaging contributes to reduce CO2 emissions by extending the shelf life of the food it protects. This means enhanced logistics and reduced transportation. The packaging ends its life cycle in household waste where it ensures environmentally friendly incineration in Danish CHP plants. Our packaging is made of films with the highest proportion of recycled plastic available in the marketplace.

Six good reasons that plastic film and packaging make sense for the environment:

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