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Constructive dialogue got the cheese machine up and running

“Our sheet kept getting stuck in the machine and we had run out of ideas on how to solve the problem. Our technician believed that the problem was with the sheet, and therefore we decided to bring in the supplier. SKY-LIGHT were very cooperative and thorough, when they explored all possible solutions across a multitude of fields.”

Now the machine is up and running

Høgelund Dairy had experienced problems with their form-fill-seal machine and the dairy’s own technician was convinced that the thermoforming sheet was the reason.

The technician had explored many possibilities but ended up being just as stuck as the sheet. Charlotte Kvistgaard Jacobsen works at Høgelund Dairy as packing facility coordinator and was in charge of the dialogue with SKY-LIGHT throughout the process.

After a joint meeting between SKY-LIGHT, the machine supplier and ourselves, we were able to establish that our form-fill-seal machine needed maintenance. The problem was solved through a constructive cooperation, and our machine is now running at top speed manufacturing the many cheeses from Høgelund Dairy.

For further information, please contact Henrik Christian

Henrik Christian Jensen
Tel +45 27 27 65 78
E-mail hcj@sky-light.dk

Arla Foods amba

 “We were delighted with the assistance we received from SKY-LIGHT when we had problems processing sheet in one of our machines. A constructive dialogue and a professional approach revealed that the problem was in our machine, and not the sheet supplied by SKY-LIGHT”

- Packing Facility Coordinator Charlotte Kvistgaard Jakobsen, Høgelund Dairy (part of Arla Foods amba)

Høgelund Dairy near Vojens manufacture cheese which is exported all over the world.
Only 14% of total production is sold on the Danish market.

Source: www.mejeri.dk

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